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Delegation of International Science Council (ISC) visited Xiamen University

On October 11, Dr. Salvatore Arico, CEO of the International Science Council (ISC) visited Xiamen University.

President Zongyi Zhang met with the guests and extended warm welcome for his arrival. He stated that Xiamen University has maintained close cooperation ties with ISC, especially in the disciplines of environmental science and ecology, ocean science, etc., and hoped that both sides can strengthen cooperation in the formation of international academic organizations in the future.

Dr. Salvador Arico expressed his gratitude to Xiamen University for the warm reception. He pointed out that he has been working with Prof. Yonglong Lu and Prof. Nianzhi Jiao for many years and has built up a deep friendship, and he would strongly support the moving of the secretariat of the International Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) to Xiamen University and the formation of the International Union for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IUEES). He also mentioned that ISC attached great importance to the cooperation with Xiamen University, which has a high international academic reputation, and looked forward to working together to promote international collaborative research and exchanges in interdisciplinary fields.

After the meeting, a seminar between ISC delegation and the representatives of Xiamen University was held. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on forward-looking environmental scientific research, emerging ecological and environmental issues, addressing the challenges of climate change, etc. Prof. Yonglong Lu, Prof. Xinhong Wang and Prof. Qinhua Fang from our college participated in the seminar.